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Advance Flooring is Committed to Local Business

Advance Flooring has been providing contracting opportunities to local installers for 16 years, and we are proud of our strong core installation team that we will continue to grow as our business expands.

We pride ourselves on providing our installers with consistent work, timely pay structure and supportive operations team to ensure that our projects run efficiently for both our customers and installers.   

As a company, we offer ongoing training for all of our teams to ensure that we are using the most up-to-date technologies and meeting and exceeding all industry requirements. 

There is always opportunity for growth and movement as Advance Flooring is present across Western Canada - from Thunder Bay to Vancouver Island.

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Authorized Flooring Installation Provider


Year Round, Consistent Work 


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Proudly Canadian 

A Unified Passion for Excellence 

Advance Flooring is committed to ensuring Home Depot customers receive the best possible service in their homes. As part of our team, we have four certified IFCII flooring inspectors, along with our local installation crews they provide the backbone for excellence.

We take care of the scheduling, product preparation, administrative details and paperwork - allowing you to simply focus on getting the job done. We pride ourselves on finding and supporting the best installation crews across Western Canada, and love to work with local professionals. 

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