About Us

Advance Flooring is a Western Canadian Flooring Installation provider in partnership with the Home Depot since 2004, specializing in both residential and commercial applications.

The company was founded by Paul Verhoeff in Calgary, Alberta and quickly expanded throughout Western Canada. With our 6 branch offices and 18 warehouses from Victoria to Winnipeg, we maintain a close connection with the community. Our Quality Assurance Managers recruit and train top quality installers to work on your project and ensure your complete satisfaction.

In 2007, Stephen Verhoeff joined the company, and today, the two brothers are owners of Advance Flooring.

At Advance Flooring, we believe that our best asset is our people. We continually strive to provide a great work environment for our team so they can grow as individuals, increase skills levels and feel a great sense of accomplishment in serving our customers and doing it with excellence! Together, our highest goal is to provide excellence in service to The Home Depot customer.

Today, Advance Flooring continues to thrive under the leadership of the two brothers and with the guidance of the core company values: Integrity, Balance, Humility, Fun & Team Ethic, Determination & Creativity.

Advance Flooring is also a proud supporter of Opportunity International, a charity that helps people to work their way out of poverty. Each year we designate a “Day of Opportunity” where we invite employees, and vendor partners to embrace the concept of giving to those less fortunate. On this day we encourage our employees to donate a day’s wage, vendors to financially support our cause. All of these donations are then matched by the company.

Home Depot Installation Services

Advance Flooring is an Authorized Flooring Installation Provider for Home Depot customers serving all markets in Western Canada